Accustoming [verb]

Definition of Accustoming:

get used to

Synonyms of Accustoming:

Opposite/Antonyms of Accustoming:


Sentence/Example of Accustoming:

Diners are now, finally, accustomed to thinking about, if not always respecting, the health and well-being of industry employees, who bear frontline risks as restaurants reopen.

A player accustomed to another position discovered an ability to split the uprights, or the team had no one available and asked a soccer player who may never have attempted a field goal before.

Many tears were shed by Valeria; for a long time she could not accustom herself to her loss.

He endeavored also to accustom himself to eat raw flesh, but this was a point of perfection to which he never could arrive.

He was trying to accustom himself to the idea of having a name.

Try as hard as I would, I could not accustom my muscles to these new conditions.

You see that this, your last summer in Italy, is manufactured on purpose to accustom you to the English seasons.

Accustom yourself to separate Law and Gospel even in regard to time.

This Prince accustom'd to obey knows not what is the Pleasure of commanding.

He said he once saw Rarey come on a stage in Boston with a timid horse that he was going to accustom to a loud noise.