Accustoms [verb]

Definition of Accustoms:

get used to

Synonyms of Accustoms:

Opposite/Antonyms of Accustoms:


Sentence/Example of Accustoms:

It makes them temperate, accustoms them to be handled, and develops their muscles.

But if a man accustoms himself to write ungrammatically, of necessity his art will be corrupted and destroyed.

He who accustoms his stomach to secrete gastric juice only after a stimulus effected by spirits, destroys his digestive power.

The teacher who accustoms his pupils to confess their faults voluntarily ought to guard carefully against this danger.

The heart soon accustoms itself to that existence which is called living upon a volcano.

This is the money of Bornou; it must be a most inconvenient currency, but habit accustoms us to everything.

Habit accustoms the individual to accommodate himself to existing conditions, no matter how severe they may be.

Later, mere "use and wont" accustoms the most sensitive to sunshine and green leaves and fragrant blossoms.

These directions not only teach the man how, but accustoms the horse to the sequence and location of motions that he may expect.

She accustoms her face to a simper, which every separate feature in it belies.