Aces [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Aces:

"Still, I seem to be holding four aces now," Moran grinned back at him.

He regarded his fate as does a card-player who day after day holds sixes and sevens when other men have the aces and kings.

It had fallen to Evelyn to provide her with a no-trump hand containing four aces, and she was disposed to be gracious.

When, later in the evening, he played bridge as the daughter's partner, he had a rush of hearts and aces to the hand.

The greater part of the captains did little; a few "aces" compiled huge lists of sunken tonnage to their credit (or otherwise).

One thing of interest was a ceremony in England presenting a medal to one of the leading war aces of the time.

Yes, he was Harry to some and Reginald to others—high, low—and the game, Hamil—the game amused him; but so help me kings and aces!

Generally speaking, if all the picture-cards and the aces are marked, that will give him all the advantage he needs.

These, of course, would be the three (aces for preference) which he had previously had concealed in the pocket.

Four bullets, announced Shultz triumphantly, as he lay his cards down, exposing four aces.