Ached [verb]

Definition of Ached:

feeling soreness or dull pain, often physical

Synonyms of Ached:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ached:

Sentence/Example of Ached:

I don't forget how I used to have to churn in a dash-churn, till my arms ached fit to drop off.

The girls were impressed and their hearts ached for Dan Higgins, his years of hope and work and his profitless mine.

They forgot that they were ravenous, that their backs ached and that their hands were scratched and torn.

Shoulders and hips grew sore, backs ached, and feet grew lame.

Thyrsis' back ached, and his feet were as if weighted with lead, but still he plodded on and on—it was his life against a deer's.

That afternoon I went back to my orchard, got out my shiny and sharp new double-edged pruning saw, and sawed till both arms ached.

So he climbed, though now his steps were no longer strong, and his feet ached wearily.

Just then, good Peder Olsen came by, and his kind heart ached for the little maid.

And so it did, safely and surely, though the way seemed long, and her little feet ached sorely before she had gone many miles.

Her limbs trembled, her head ached, her heart throbbed in a sickening way.