Achenes [noun]

Definition of Achenes:

seed of fruit, vegetable

Synonyms of Achenes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Achenes:


Sentence/Example of Achenes:

Fruit a circumscissile 2-celled capsule, with one or more peltate seeds in each cell, or an achene.

Ovary 1-celled with a suspended ovule, becoming an achene; calyx none; aquatic herbs, with finely dissected whorled leaves.

Achene (commonly solitary) enclosed in the 4-angled dry and thickish closed calyx-tube.

Ovary with a single cell and ovule, tipped with a long laterally stigmatic style, maturing as an achene.

Achene obtusely triangular, partly 3-celled, enclosed in the indurated calyx.

Fruit an achene, buried in the greatly enlarged fleshy calyx.

Achene elliptical, closely invested by the dry and persistent compressed calyx.

Achene flattened, linear-oblong, beaked with the long persistent style.

Style 2–3-cleft, its bulbous base persistent as a tubercle jointed upon the apex of the lenticular or triangular achene.

Achene lenticular, wrinkled transversely, crowned with the persistent and broad tubercled base of the style.