Achier [adjective]

Definition of Achier:


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Sentence/Example of Achier:

Then the hot winds sweep across the country, making everybody tired, languid, head-achy and cross.

After a time they get used to the swinging motion of the vessel and then their achy muscle tiredness is relieved.

Certain of the muscles particularly are likely to suffer from achy feelings which are spoken of as headaches.

Jennie Harper had large dark eyes, and a funny, achy sort of voice.

Nelsen felt the scared earnestness of the appeal, and the achy shock of the compliment.

He thought, with an achy wistfulness, of a small hero-worshipping girl named Jennie Harper, at Serene.

And once again the glorious little achy feeling in the throat came.

She was beginning to feel achy, and tears were near the surface.

Tired and achy as they were at night, though, they were glad to find children in the next shack.

The exhilaration of the struggle suddenly left him, and he realized that he was dreadfully tired and heart-achy.