Achieved [verb]

Definition of Achieved:

bring to successful conclusion; reach a goal

Synonyms of Achieved:

Opposite/Antonyms of Achieved:

Sentence/Example of Achieved:

Impersonation may be more easily achieved intellectually, requiring only keen observation and the power of imitation.

Having achieved this feat he sighed again, and applied himself assiduously to the pie.

Such are the things achieved at home; let us now consider what has been done elsewhere.

He achieved his highest fame from his connection with the revision of the statutes of New York.

The short hours achieved with acclamation to-day will later be denounced as the long hours of to-morrow.

He had achieved—perhaps innocently enough so far as his conscience was concerned?

The results already achieved have done much to make the most advanced organ rival the orchestra.

After 24 hours' heavy and continuous fighting a substantial success has been achieved.

She felt, however, that a great victory had been achieved, and that she had fought the battle alone.

Amid the perpetration of much bloodshed and tyranny, Christianity has certainly achieved some good.