Achievements [noun]

Definition of Achievements:

something completed successfully; goal reached

Opposite/Antonyms of Achievements:

Sentence/Example of Achievements:

He held all the records for height, and it was known that at Attercliffe he meant to endeavour to eclipse his own achievements.

Books of impassioned poetry, and descriptions of heroic character and achievements, were her especial delight.

William Eaton, an American general, died; celebrated for his heroic achievements in the expedition against Tripoli, 1798.

His personal achievements were many in this assignment and his excessive courage was noted by Washington.

He was the friend of Mistral and followed the poet's efforts and achievements with deep and affectionate interest.

He realized with wonder how many achievements of civilization the privileged classes take as a matter of course.

It surpassed all other achievements of the age, and equaled the invention of the telegraph itself.

The most probable opinion, perhaps, may be, that the directors were offended at his evident mania for military achievements.

It recited the virtues and achievements of the dead and recounted the history of the family to which he belonged.

The loss of the British army was very serious in effecting such important achievements.