Achieves [verb]

Definition of Achieves:

bring to successful conclusion; reach a goal

Synonyms of Achieves:

Opposite/Antonyms of Achieves:

Sentence/Example of Achieves:

Piers Forster, professor of climate change, University of LeedsHow China will achieve its new goal will likely be set out in Beijing’s next five year plan, due in March.

She was not the first woman who attempted to use the 14th Amendment to achieve equality.

An emergency authorization may potentially be achieved sometime this fall even if a full approval isn’t.

That’s why we’re proud to stand with California in achieving meaningful green house gas emissions reductions in our vehicles.

If this rescue plan succeeds, it could become a model for bridging different interests to achieve a common conservation goal.

Photographers have been doing this for years, and there are already several pieces of software that achieve a similar effect.

Prosecutors want to achieve deterrence, he explained, but they also risk losing cases if they go to trial.

So Ford would achieve economies by continuing to manufacture and sell the most popular models in Europe.

In his acceptance speech, he said the sitcom was about “the transformational effects of love and acceptance, and this is something we need more now than ever before,” encouraging people to register and vote to achieve that goal.

The founders set a goal for Kuaishou to reach 300 million daily active users by February 2020, a target the company achieved.