Achieving [verb]

Definition of Achieving:

bring to successful conclusion; reach a goal

Synonyms of Achieving:

Opposite/Antonyms of Achieving:

Sentence/Example of Achieving:

To perform actions, it could either type the command for that action or achieve the same end by talking to other characters.

Given the R-naught of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, the World Health Organization has estimated that 65 percent to 70 percent of the population needs to be immune before this can be achieved.

In San Diego, however, where infection rates have been lower, Lee’s model suggests that 65% will need to achieve immunity through infection or vaccination.

Under industrial policy, the government makes investments that the private sector is unwilling or unable to make, and which will help the country achieve certain socially desirable goals.

Neutralizing levels were achieved by 14 days after a boost vaccination in 208 of 209 patients.

To achieve that goal, marketers must put efficiency, intelligence and scale at the center of their plans.

As we do our work, diverse teams, trust, and leveraged technology will be among the building blocks to help achieve equity for all communities and broader society.

Doing so, though, could expose millions of Americans to counterfeit drugs, while achieving little in the way of savings.

The program has achieved a success rate of nearly 80 percent and participation in the program has increased five-fold, positively impacting young lives and increasing public safety.

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