Acidifies [noun]

Definition of Acidifies:

sour; change into coagulated substance

Synonyms of Acidifies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Acidifies:


Sentence/Example of Acidifies:

Evaporate to a thin syrup, acidify strongly with phosphoric acid.

Boil off the gas, add ammonia until a precipitate is formed, and then acidify somewhat strongly with acetic acid.

Acidify the liquor with nitric and boil down to about 100 c.c.

Extract with water, acidify with acetic acid, and estimate volumetrically as described under Sulphur.

Acidify the solution of soluble ash, obtained in 9, with dilute nitric acid and determine phosphoric acid (P2O5).

Hence it is now practically always necessary to acidify artificially the tan liquors.

When it ceases effervescing, strongly acidify with acetic acid.

Acidify with glacial acetic acid, shake a moment, and then make alkaline with ammonium hydrate.

Acidify as nitric acid, precipitate as silver chloride by sodium chloride or hydrochloric acid, and reduce as vide III, below.