Acids [adjective]

Definition of Acids:

bitter, sour in taste

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Sentence/Example of Acids:

The researchers’ process involves first bathing the bricks in a hydrochloric acid vapor, which seeps into the pores and reacts with the iron oxide that gives the bricks their red color.

Other methods exist to determine whether people are capable of infecting others, including monoclonal antibodies and CRISPR gene-editing techniques to detect viral proteins or bits of nucleic acid.

There, Gilbert uses amino acids to get proteins to communicate with each other.

Most potential drug targets are proteins, and a protein’s structure—meaning the way a 2D sequence of amino acids folds into a 3D protein—determines its function.

Sasselov has encouraged Globus and Blandford to consider whether cosmic rays might join forces with polarized light to shape the amino acids on asteroids.

Those batteries often contain harmful chemicals, such as acids.

Their latest, Gilbert’s Switch Glitch, released in two parts on February 29 and March 2, sees a biochemist get sucked into a video game where he has to test amino acid combinations to get proteins to communicate effectively.

These instructions direct the ribosome to string together amino acids to make a protein.

A lower pH means something is more acidic, also known as a stronger acid.

There are a number of bacilli, called acid-fast bacilli, which stain in the same way as the tubercle bacillus.