Acknowledgments [noun]

Definition of Acknowledgments:

act of recognizing authority or truth of something

Opposite/Antonyms of Acknowledgments:

Sentence/Example of Acknowledgments:

While the settlement included a list of police reforms, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer said it was not an acknowledgment of wrongdoing on the city’s part.

Also at issue was his acknowledgment to Woodward, very early on, that he understood the true danger of the virus, which he said was much deadlier than the flu, before he would spend weeks comparing it to the flu.

In some cases, changes in the workplace — such as the many ways companies are allowing greater flexibility for employees — represent a long overdue acknowledgment of reality.

While many political figures would like to pretend the economy is fine and that everything is back to normal, the lack of attention to the stock market feels a bit like an acknowledgment that all is not well for millions of Americans.

Perry's arms fell gracefully to his side and he inclined his head and half closed his eyes in acknowledgment.

Let this be your acknowledgment of past favours—the fulfilment of your sacred promise.

The embassy for Japan—with a gift, which shall not seem an acknowledgment—you say, could not be sent off last year, which is well.

In some states the requirements are strict in respect to the disinterestedness of the official who takes the acknowledgment.

A defective acknowledgment by a married woman is worthless, nor will any court compel her to make another one.

Should she make another deed, however, with a proper acknowledgment this would be legal.