Acolytes [noun]

Definition of Acolytes:

attendant, usually in a church

Synonyms of Acolytes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Acolytes:


Sentence/Example of Acolytes:

In Specter’s telling, even Fauci’s onetime antagonists, Kramer chief among them, undergo conversion experiences and become acolytes.

Leach went 84-43 in 10 seasons as head coach at Texas Tech and 55-47 in eight seasons at Washington State, both relatively less heralded programs, and many of his and Mumme’s former players and assistants also became air raid acolytes.

He was an acolyte sent forth with bowl and staff to beg for aid in certain temple repairs.

That the acolyte in Claude's case took the form of Louis Gentilis made him no more welcome.

The parish priest sat with his acolyte, who held a crucifix before his eyes so that his thoughts might not wander.

So from this you can see how nobly that young acolyte was provided with all that beseemed his future greatness.

After sermon the preacher returns to the altar, when a fourth functionary appears, whom we suppose must be termed an acolyte.

You speak like a genuine acolyte of that glorious sage, Pythagoras.

When we had seen these lanterns, and were about to leave, the old bruja appeared, with her female acolyte.

Here, roaring Ralph, this innocent young acolyte says he has never touched the dice.