Acoustics [noun]

Definition of Acoustics:

sound quality

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Sentence/Example of Acoustics:

In order to understand what follows we must make a short excursion into the realm of acoustics.

It is literally a falling off, and on the principles of acoustics must of necessity make the tone thin.

Here I've spent heaven knows how much on the acoustics of this theatre, and I can't make out a word she says.

He had to devise his own governors for the synchronous mechanism, and here his knowledge of acoustics helped him.

But the courtrooms are stuffy little dens, illy ventilated, awkwardly placed, and with the poorest of acoustics.

Psychology is therefore of equal importance with anatomy and acoustics as an element of Vocal Science.

The old Italian masters naturally knew nothing whatever of resonance, nor of any other topic of acoustics.

Until the publication of Helmholtz's work vocal theorists had known practically nothing of acoustics.

These contractions occur in accordance with established laws of acoustics and mechanics.

The acoustics of the small town are faultless, and the activities of this spendthrift had been noised abroad.