Acquaintances [noun]

Definition of Acquaintances:

a person known informally

Synonyms of Acquaintances:

Opposite/Antonyms of Acquaintances:

Sentence/Example of Acquaintances:

He would go out and secure orders there at home among his friends and acquaintances.

There was a host of friends and acquaintances around the little home, making merry and admiring the baby.

In a dream he crossed the crowded hall, avoiding various acquaintances with unconscious cunning.

They gardened, they drove out, they rowed and sailed upon the lake, but they declined all acquaintances.

At first I almost perished with loneliness, but now that I have a few acquaintances here I am enjoying it.

The flowers were like new acquaintances; she approached them in a familiar spirit, and made herself at home among them.

He could not recall having made a profound impression upon any of his casual acquaintances; he certainly had created no sensation.

She did not deem it worth while to go in search of any of the fashionable acquaintances from whom she had withdrawn herself.

By his friends and intimates he was called Tom, and mere acquaintances even usually spoke of him as Tom Robertson.

Of all his friends and acquaintances he now only kept up with Apukhtin and Adamov.