Acquainting [verb]

Definition of Acquainting:

inform oneself or another about something new

Synonyms of Acquainting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Acquainting:

Sentence/Example of Acquainting:

Cross, who was born in Ireland and thus was well-acquainted with violent political passions, arrived in Montreal as trade commissioner in 1968.

I began using the College Park location to acquaint myself with unfamiliar playwrights and to get an idea of the capabilities of an actor that I might cast.

We need to acquaint ourselves with them intimately, vividly imagine the final moments of the victims, and, most important, contemplate the actions of the drivers that led to these outcomes.

Weng, who previously worked at Walmart, where he was involved in the retail giant’s China import business, told TechCrunch that he’s acquainted with a lot of American supplement manufacturers and is thus able to cut middleman costs.

Well, acquaint yourself, since it’s right about now that you’re going to be needing that advice most.

He immediately went down to Newton, acquainting him with the circumstance, which bore a very suspicious appearance.

The sense of touch, also, is exclusively adapted to the acquainting of its owner with still another aspect of things material.

Mr. Dockwrath had thought it well to write to Mr. Mason, acquainting that gentleman with his intended visit.

Madam de Warrens sent me to him two or three mornings, under pretense of messages, without acquainting me with her real intention.

He learned to correctly judge men and read character, while at the same time he was acquainting himself with commercial methods.