Acquaints [verb]

Definition of Acquaints:

inform oneself or another about something new

Synonyms of Acquaints:

Opposite/Antonyms of Acquaints:

Sentence/Example of Acquaints:

Back in January, she was a 38-year-old first-time mother who was getting acquainted with all the practical challenges of attempting to maintain some semblance of work-life balance.

The good news is that we’re already well acquainted with some members of the family.

While “there’s no upside to this pandemic,” she says, without it, the two surely would have never become acquainted.

While all conscious beings are acquainted with their consciousness, not all conscious beings are able to reflectively attend to their experience and form acquaintance-based concepts of it.

If the goal-directed nature of Reality is present within each particular conscious mind, it follows that any conscious mind is acquainted with the goal-directed nature of Reality.

While working on the project DevriX got more closely acquainted with the client’s goals and business operations.

Some of the colonists sincerely desired to acquaint and convert the Indians to Christianity.

It would do little or no good to acquaint the constable with their suspicion that the rascal might be the man named Cameron Smith.

Who will acquaint us when there is a concert, a choral service in church, or something wonderful to be seen at the fair?

At length the German commissioner arrived, and came to acquaint us that within two days we were to set out.