Acquiesced [verb]

Definition of Acquiesced:

agree with some reluctance

Synonyms of Acquiesced:

Opposite/Antonyms of Acquiesced:

Sentence/Example of Acquiesced:

Generally speaking, the cost of pushing through real fatigue is greater than the cost of acquiescing to fake fatigue.

"Well, my dear, if you look upon it in that light there is no more to be said," acquiesced the husband.

Toby acquiesced; and they hurried through the main street of the little town, which at that late hour was wholly deserted.

In these measures Mr. Dickinson acquiesced, as John Adams had submitted to the petition.

They acquiesced delightedly and accordingly that evening a huge bundle of stationery was left at their door.

"There ain't any too many teams for hire around here," she acquiesced; and there was another silence.

I, with grudging meekness and a prayer for another five minutes devoted to the deglutition of another liqueur brandy, acquiesced.

Mr. Worby even acquiesced in certain modifications of statements he had been accustomed to offer for years to parties of visitors.

This seemed rather an arbitrary proceeding, but the malmudir quite acquiesced in it.

After some further discussion, M. Barrot acquiesced in the motion, and the members withdrew to appoint the committee.