Acquiescently [adverb]

Definition of Acquiescently:


Opposite/Antonyms of Acquiescently:

Sentence/Example of Acquiescently:

The wise kowtows acquiescently whatever happens and thus his face is to the ground.

"It is written: 'Cho Sing collected feathers to make a garment for his canary when it began to moult,'" replied Lin acquiescently.

The Princess nodded acquiescently, while Sophie, with a look, directed her father to take a seat at the other end of the divan.

She sighed a resigned sigh of utter submission, nodded acquiescently, and waited beside him.

He nodded acquiescently and spent some twenty minutes in wandering about the library; then he settled down with a book.

She said as much to Grannis, who merely nodded acquiescently.

Calvin pointed to a ladder that led from the corner of his study to the roof, and Duff Salter nodded his head acquiescently.

She nodded acquiescently, her expression once more abstracted, her thoughts far afield.

"Heap better," said Flor acquiescently, and beginning to hold a whistling colloquy with the hidden voice.

She smiled acquiescently at my use of the name by which I had had occasion to call her a few times at our lodging-places.