Acquiesces [verb]

Definition of Acquiesces:

agree with some reluctance

Synonyms of Acquiesces:

Opposite/Antonyms of Acquiesces:

Sentence/Example of Acquiesces:

The underlying problem is whether conservatives can continue to acquiesce quietly in a rendition of the causes of the decline of the Republic and the entire Western world which is false.

TV networks will face the potential fallout from acquiescing to advertisers’ flexibility demands, while advertisers will see whether the money they moved to streaming in last year’s upfront was well spent.

Rather than reject it or treat it in an aloof manner, they always seemed to acquiesce to it.

It doesn’t help that, despite decades of effort, America’s federal government has not acquiesced to requests to recognize the existence of the modern Acjachemen, Mutsun Ohlone, Tongva and numerous other tribes in the area.

“She was put in a terrible position,” Fletcher said of Wooten’s decision to acquiesce to Newsom’s determination.

The old gentleman pressed us to remain, as the meeting would begin immediately, and we were delighted to acquiesce.

To be law-abiding means to acquiesce, if not directly participate, in that conspiracy.

I acquiesce in this hand of fate; for I think another cold just now would just about do for me.

There was nothing to do but acquiesce; especially as I now was trying to draw from him something of what had brought him there.

He would acquiesce in the sufficiency of the reason first given, "bodies which contain more particles are heavier."