Acquiescing [verb]

Definition of Acquiescing:

agree with some reluctance

Synonyms of Acquiescing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Acquiescing:

Sentence/Example of Acquiescing:

It is not simply acquiescing in that Covenant in the heart, but signifying that acquiescence in a positive service.

Angels in light, acquiescing in God's law, were at least virtually in covenant with him.

All the parties immediately concerned were apparently so desperately acquiescing in his suit, that he soon grew uneasy.

And George was called in to settle the controversy, both parties acquiescing in his decision.

Let us prove the truth of our profession by at least not acquiescing, without resistance, in such assailments.

And so, tell me that I am not wrong in taking up my chain again and acquiescing in this hard necessity.

I came here with the determination of acquiescing in whatever should be desired in respect to organization.

Isabel looked up at him, with sudden and deep emotion, then all acquiescing sweetness, and silently left the room.

I found her acquiescing in a shameful servitude; and yet I have faith in the nobility of her soul.

As he unfolded his scheme, she began to feel that in acquiescing she was conferring a favour.