Acquirements [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Acquirements:

At the period for which these hints are intended, the Modern Languages should form a portion of acquirement.

That must stand or fall by its intrinsic worth, not by the circumstances associated with its acquirement.

To obtain this evidence is worth more to any man or woman than any other purely mental acquirement can be.

There was some peculiar gift, or grace, or acquirement belonging without dispute to the one, and which the other lacked.

Another very extraordinary acquirement, and which the present writer has been witness to, is, Sword-swallowing.

We now proceed to the consideration of a very remarkable acquirement of man, called Ventriloquism.

Opulent Indra, encourage us in this rite for the acquirement of wealth, for we are diligent and renowned!

An immense price is paid by the youth of this country for classical acquirement.

Pinckney N. Harris grew to manhood under the parental roof and in the acquirement of his education attended the district schools.

Pablito looked carefully all round, and then gave a long, low whistle with the skill which distinguished him in this acquirement.