Acquisitions [noun]

Definition of Acquisitions:

obtaining or receiving

Synonyms of Acquisitions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Acquisitions:

Sentence/Example of Acquisitions:

It was, indeed, one of the most important intellectual acquisitions of man.

The individual ransoms largely increased the individual acquisitions.

As early as 1759 he held that the territorial acquisitions of the company should be claimed for the nation.

Each of these vassal states was made to pay handsomely for its new acquisitions.

The formal acquisitions by treaty, even, did not measure the full menace of the conditions.

One sees quite well that the acquisitions of the individual have passed to the descendant, but how?

In the Annual Register for 1762, the following narrative of the surprising acquisitions of a blind lady is inserted.

Nor did these acquisitions absorb her whole attention; a nobler field was opened to the exercise of her mental faculties.

New Mexico is one of our acquisitions, and what a subject of dispute it has been!

The want of ships not only stopped the pursuit of the king, but endangered their previous acquisitions.