Acquits [verb]

Definition of Acquits:

announce removal of blame

Synonyms of Acquits:

Opposite/Antonyms of Acquits:

Sentence/Example of Acquits:

He was acquitted after testimony from his character witnesses, Willie Nelson and Robert Duvall, and then demanded that the guy give back his bullet, which was still lodged in his neck.

I will tell you later what from the bottom of my heart I wish you to do to acquit the debt we shall contract towards him.

Curiosity to see how she would acquit herself under the circumstances ran high.

Yet, knowing how to make the most of their limited stock of knowledge, they acquit themselves well in conversation.

But, more quickly than he had thought of charging her with this—(he was only an ordinary young man)—he had to acquit her again.

I did, but that isn't evidence that will acquit him in court of being a road agent.

The excuse she had made to Mina Zabriska did not acquit her in her own eyes.

Carlyle and other pioneers we may perhaps acquit of any intention of following the original closely in this regard.

I had begged Severnius not to ask me to see any visitors at all until I could acquit myself creditably in conversation.

He feared no man and was sure to acquit himself creditably no matter in what circumstances he was placed.