Acquittals [noun]

Definition of Acquittals:

declaration removing blame

Synonyms of Acquittals:

Opposite/Antonyms of Acquittals:

Sentence/Example of Acquittals:

Over 13 months from the initial disclosure to the president’s acquittal on impeachment charges, the Dow rose almost 20 percent.

He became famous in the county court for a streak of acquittals that some say reached into the seventies.

The persecuted minister obtained both a complete acquittal, and a signal revenge.

The acquittal of the Girondists would have given them some little hope that they also might find mercy.

Could she obtain a triumphant acquittal, through the force of her own integrity, she would greatly exult.

The strongest man in Paris would be howled down by the mob if he attempted to procure her acquittal.

Ugly had left the country a decade ago, following his acquittal for petty thieving.

The king, while fully acknowledging Clive's services, thought him guilty of "rapine," and disapproved of his virtual acquittal.

Not that this could result in the acquittal of the negro; but it might deprive him, Bristow, of the credit he was now given.

After his acquittal, owing to lack of evidence, he was allowed into the city with the prison interpreter.