Acquittances [noun]

Definition of Acquittances:

attention to, knowledge of something

Synonyms of Acquittances:

Opposite/Antonyms of Acquittances:

Sentence/Example of Acquittances:

Cleret left it, without acquittance; and his conduct was approved by his master.

Pray settle accompts with Barnes; take what money of mine is in his hands, and give him acquittance.

Then seeing that I waited (for they had forgot to give me my acquittance), they dropped talking suddenly.

It was forced to redeem without redemption and to pay without acquittance.

Bodlyes Chest, as appeares by Dr. Chaworthes acquittance in the same box.'

Neither party denied this acquittance given in the King's name by the justiciary Richard de Luci.

A final acquittance (or a quietus, as they term it) is scarcely ever to be obtained.

So I sente my acquittance, for they said without mine ther would be no end made (& ther was good reason for it).

In that case the acquittance falls on the land, and not on the person.

The Government, as President Cleveland pointed out, was "forced to redeem without redemption and pay without acquittance."