Acquitted [verb]

Definition of Acquitted:

announce removal of blame

Synonyms of Acquitted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Acquitted:

Sentence/Example of Acquitted:

After he was acquitted, he felt the weight of how easily the false accusation could have destroyed him, if not for the skill of his attorney.

Courts sentenced the getaway driver to 30 years in prison, charged but have not arrested the alleged gunman and acquitted two other suspects.

He was acquitted in a bench trial, before a judge and not a jury, according to a news story.

She did not support Obamacare repeal, though she voted to acquit the president in his Senate trial and voted to confirm his Supreme Court nominees.

The Senate’s vote determines whether the president will be convicted or acquitted on all charges.

For example, the House impeached Presidents Andrew Johnson and Clinton, but both were acquitted by the Senate.

In harmony with a fundamental rule of law, a member who has once been acquitted cannot be tried again for the same offense.

John Smith was later charged with sedition, acquitted, and finally restored to his rightful council position.

In 1819 he acquitted himself most creditably of a mission entrusted to him by that young man.

Although the trial involved many political entanglements, Burr was finally acquitted.