Acre [noun]

Definition of Acre:

piece of land, unit of area

Synonyms of Acre:

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Sentence/Example of Acre:

Around four million acres burned every year on average, and smoky skies in summer and fall were probably not unusual.

In a 2018 forest carbon plan, state officials included a goal to treat 60,000 acres a year on non-federal lands, and noted that 500,000 acres was an “aspirational goal.”

Denver also has thousands of acres of western frontier with views as far as the eyes can see.

During the siege of Acre he commanded the covering force, and pushed reconnaissances far and wide.

Nearly every acre I have seen is susceptible of cultivation, and of course either cultivated, built upon, or devoted to wood.

It has been shown by Chevandrier, that an acre of land under beech wood accumulates annually about 1650 lb.

Now, the column of air resting upon an acre of land contains only about 15,500 lb.

Why, child alive, I raked the hay together on three whole six-acre fields!

The quantity of this liquid distributed per acre is about 50,000 gallons, at a cost of 2d.

It cost him something like half a dollar an acre, and Landers considered he had robbed the hardware merchant of a machine.