Acridities [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Acridities:

It is acrid, colourless, and crystalline, and imparts its acridity to the plant.

Mr. Strachey, without abandoning the acridity of his style, exposes Florence Nightingale as a great constructor of civilization.

Thomas Nash will himself hardly escape the charge of acridity, but only injustice or want of discernment will call him a quack.

Henry declined the combat, and after she sensed his intention, she went on, with increasing acridity.

This species is quite common; and though very acrid to the taste, this acridity is entirely lost in cooking.

This plant is slightly acrid to the taste and retains a faint trace of acridity even after it is cooked.

It seemed attracted by the acridity of the beautiful insect, as the moth is by the flame.

Mr Thresh succeeded in obtaining an alkaloid from the capsicum, but this was entirely wanting in acridity and pungency.

The word came very hard, but in his acridity he felt like not sparing himself; he wanted to get accustomed to the full obloquy.

They are acrid, but lose their acridity when boiled, the water being changed.