Acrimonies [noun]

Definition of Acrimonies:

nasty behavior, speech

Synonyms of Acrimonies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Acrimonies:

Sentence/Example of Acrimonies:

In 2019, the acrimony spilled into contentious city council elections that ended in the defeat of most Amazon-backed candidates.

How do they reason upon a dogma, and quarrel with acrimony about a system of which even themselves can comprehend nothing?

The affairs of the village are discussed without acrimony, and a certain amount of understanding arrived at.

The Jesuits, in a phase of ascendancy, persecuted and insulted the Buddhists with great acrimony.

We are told that there prevailed between the two a great and reciprocal acrimony.

The bread question was the topic of the hour, and gave rise to more acrimony than had any antecedent injustice.

He had not looked at Lydia as he poured out this sudden flood of acrimony, but at her quick, fierce reply, he faced her.

In the first place, there were these pseudo-creditors who had just attacked him in his own park with much acrimony.

"Detestable creatures," said Mrs. Hilary, with acrimony, as usual.

Whilst the root is fresh it is harsh and acrid, but, being dried, it loses the greater part of its acrimony.