Acrimoniously [adverb]

Definition of Acrimoniously:


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Sentence/Example of Acrimoniously:

School Board sessions on reopening regularly turned acrimonious during the past 11 months, often stretching to the early hours of the morning — and just as often without resulting in a consensus.

For Sinovac, the bribery cases have had little visible impact except to exacerbate an acrimonious shareholder struggle that has frozen trade of its stock on Nasdaq since February 2019.

"Hain't got no business stirrin' us up like this for nothin'," said Atwell, acrimoniously.

I do not mean to intimate that the subject absolutely and acrimoniously annoyed our hero.

Dr. Sutherland chivalrously assumed the sole authorship, and was acrimoniously attacked by some of his professional brethren.

They carried on the parliamentary war, not less acrimoniously than when they were a majority, but somewhat more artfully.

Their voices, lowered at first, rose acrimoniously; almost they penetrated to the silent room beyond.

He was discussed more acrimoniously, more passionately than ever; no one could neglect him nor pretend not to have heard of him.

"You ought to heard what he said to me when I asked him to come over to our house and—" began Mrs. Ducker somewhat acrimoniously.

"Tell it to whom you like, my good man," replied Brigitte, acrimoniously.