Acrobats [noun]

Definition of Acrobats:

performer who does tricks, physical feats

Synonyms of Acrobats:

Opposite/Antonyms of Acrobats:


Sentence/Example of Acrobats:

Of no more than medium height but with shoulders like an acrobat, he had slim, straight legs and the feet of a dancing master.

Shoeblossom leaped back with a readiness highly creditable in one who was not a professional acrobat.

Starcus proved that the rest of his limbs were uninjured by coming as nimbly as an acrobat to an upright posture.

Balancing on his hands like an acrobat, he crawled over the edge, down to the main deck, and began to explore forward.

It is strange to see a quiet-looking shell suddenly take to hopping and jumping like an acrobat.

She told me she bought it from a Japanese acrobat who was out of an engagement and desperately hard up.

There is no social reason why the manager of a Vegetarian Restaurant may not visit the house of a film acrobat.

She was like an acrobat poised on a slippery ball—if he should touch her she would topple over.

He hurried along in a sudden cloud of dust, and threw himself off the pony like a little acrobat.

It uses it, in fact, very much as an acrobat uses his pole when walking upon the tight rope.