Acropolises [noun]

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Respect, however, was paid to the Acropolis; it was not abhorred as the seat of tyranny, but honoured and venerated as a temple.

When the Persian host sacked the Acropolis they burnt the holy olive, and it seemed that all was over.

A good picture of the Acropolis at Athens should be shown to keep the buildings distinct; the one in Lefevre's book is excellent.

Written oracles existed of the prophecies of celebrated seers, and were preserved in the acropolis of Athens.

The first picture is the Acropolis, under the domination of the Florentines at the end of the fourteenth century.

He thought of Renan, who declares that on the Acropolis at Athens beauty and wisdom do exist, really exist, as external powers.

The Acropolis museum, a building of recent date, contains an interesting and valuable collection of works of art found here.

Chief among the bathing-places of note is Athens, with its Acropolis, famed for “headers.”

From a distance it reminds one, in spite of its being somewhat clumsy and lacking in proportion, of the Acropolis of Athens.

The philosopher saw Alcon, the peaceful citizen, who had just come down from the Acropolis, pass through the centre of the Forum.