Acrylics [noun]

Definition of Acrylics:

tinted covering

Synonyms of Acrylics:

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Sentence/Example of Acrylics:

We also love the super-soft, quick-drying acrylic that keeps you toasty no matter the conditions.

The sudden interest in acrylic barriers for essential workers and businesses helped, although Lucite doesn’t anticipate the demand for them to last beyond 2021.

The market for these products is booming, although some acrylic suppliers are hesitant to say whether this demand will last beyond the pandemic, Forbes reported.

Using aluminum foil and dental acrylic, he created a platform to fix the nail, which would soon go on to be patented as the first nail form.

This acrylic caddy has two sturdy handles and a non-slip bottom.

Dorothy Tovar and Rae Wynn-Grant are among the women whose images were scanned by 89 cameras and 25 projectors to generate a 3-D image, subsequently made material by layers and layers of acrylic gel.

The transmitter, batteries, and antenna were molded into a collar of acrylic weighing 11 ounces (Mech et al. 1965).

His acrylic radio collar was also cracked on the right side in three places.

It forms an addition product with acrylic ester, which on heating loses nitrogen and leaves trimethylene dicarboxylic ester.