Acta [noun]

Definition of Acta:

notes of meeting

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Sentence/Example of Acta:

The mountain Prion was called Lepre Acta; it overhangs the present city, and has on it a portion of the wall.

Smyrna therefore was situated near the present gymnasium, at the back of the present city, but between Tracheia and Lepre Acta.

These publications were called acta diurna urbis or acta diurna populi.

A full description of these instruments and of the calculations will be found in the Acta Reg Soc.

After acta had been sent to the honourable the central court, about fourteen days passed over before any answer was received.

The apocryphal Acta Barnabae purport to have been written by him.

From any such charge the student of the "Acta Sanctorum" must regard the Bollandists as free.

This immense series is popularly known either as the "Acta Sanctorum" or the Bollandists.

In examples of patient constancy of faith and of unswerving trust, the "Acta Martyrum" do not excel the annals of Babism.

The Acta Sanctorum, in the original edition, is very seldom found.