Acted [verb]

Definition of Acted:

do something

Opposite/Antonyms of Acted:

Sentence/Example of Acted:

The simple act of wearing a covering over one’s mouth and nose has become particularly divisive as some question the changing recommendations issued by top health organizations.

In so doing, he dismisses as “very unlikely” the suggestion that Nero ordered the burning of his capital — an act that would have been both illogical and difficult.

The records act makes no exception for cases in which searching for a public record “would require the state to work hard,” the analysis found.

Proving that something is impossible is a powerful act of mathematics.

Outside contributor Daniel Duane traveled to Southern California to talk to Corliss about his latest high-wire act.

This simple act will not only help you avoid catching the flu, but will also help prevent the virus from spreading throughout your community and putting others at risk.

If not, then you two have to horse trade for how much each sexual act is worth and this is bound to be a sticky negotiation.

We shouldn’t be disadvantaged compared to other parts of the state that may not have their act together.

It earned them five Grammy awards, including song and record of the year — a rarity for a country act — and they started touring the world in sold-out arenas.

Our hearts are heavy and filled with pain over this senseless act.