Actinisms [noun]

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Actinism, ak′tin-izm, n. the chemical force of the sun's rays, as distinct from light and heat.

An instrument for registering the intensity of the chemical influence (actinism) of the suns rays.

The third constituent of the sunbeam is actinism—its property being to produce chemical effects.

As yet, the effects of actinism have been more studied in the inanimate than the organic creation.

Experiments clearly prove that this change is to be attributed to actinism, and not to heat.

In summer, when the maturing process advances, light and heat increase, and actinism relatively declines.

The clouds shut off the scorching light; but, like the blue glass of the photographer's studio, they transmit actinism.

In the autumn, when the ripening period arrives, light and actinism give way to a greater ratio of heat.

Because blue glass obstructs many of the luminous rays, but it is perfectly transparent to actinism.