Actions [noun]

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Men's probable actions are calculated by the law of reason; but their performance is usually the result of caprice.

Yet he neither wishes the auditors to counsel or advise or influence him, nor that a word be said about his actions.

Many of the pneumatic actions made to-day, however, are disappointing in these particulars.

Undoubtedly the first improvements to be named must be the pneumatic and electro-pneumatic actions.

Without the use of these actions most of the advances we are about to chronicle would not have been effected.

Not one of the early electric actions proved either quick or reliable, and all were costly to install and maintain.

L dessus allegresse & rejoussance, 178 & actions de graces Dieu en procession sur la montagne que i'ay mentionn ci-dessus.

Everything seemed quiet, and the guard said he had heard nothing, but Bruno showed by his actions everything was not right.

The performance of it is introduced along with that of other actions that certainly imply the rendering of religious homage.

For he suspects from his silence that he has so over-cautiously conducted matters that he wishes to conceal his actions.'