Activated [verb]

Definition of Activated:

initiate something; start a function

Synonyms of Activated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Activated:

Sentence/Example of Activated:

The five power levels and strobe function are activated via the metal side button, and a memory function remembers the last brightness setting when the flashlight is turned on.

At a great price, this 10-inch compound miter saw allows you to get the most precise cuts thanks to its thumb activated stop for adjustments.

We’re quick to activate our defenses and there’s a million triggers.

Browder didn’t activate his body-worn camera, or identify himself as an officer before opening fire.

When activated, they set off a new cycle of antibody production.

Browder did not activate his body-worn camera before confronting Nehad, but a security camera at a nearby business captured the shooting.

“We love the idea of activating the site immediately,” Malmuth said.

To untangle the web of smell, the authors took to optogenetics, the technology that allows you to activate neurons with light.

In contrast, near infrared light, or NIR, can activate bioink and shine deep into tissues.

Above 28 degrees Celsius, the channels opened and stayed open, keeping the neurons activated and the flies awake.