Activates [verb]

Definition of Activates:

initiate something; start a function

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Sentence/Example of Activates:

According to Heather Nenov, an ophthalmologist from Stein Optometric Center, light entering the eye at a consistent brightness activates photoreceptors at the back of the eye.

Depending on trim level, there are massaging seats, power-adjustable pedals, motion-activated liftgate and captain’s chairs instead of a bench seat in the second row.

In real time, they looked at how neurons in the hippocampus activated in response to fear, and found that they tend to transmit the information to the amygdala—the emotion center—more than average.

By better understanding the blood messengers involved, we could artificially activate this pathway and potentially protect the mental essence of what makes you you—even as your brain falters with age or disease.

In mice with light-sensitive neurons, the team activated multiple glomeruli with a specific pattern, which generated a hallucinatory sense of a particular scent—even if it wasn’t there and didn’t exist in nature.

Researchers have discovered ways to activate CRISPR with light and use the gene-editing technology to better understand Alzheimer’s disease progression.

When activated, it dumps out boats of dopamine, which drift to the electrode and chemically react with it—mimicking the process of dopamine docking onto a biological neuron.

The team printed a scaffold containing these cells into mice, which suffered from muscle injury, and shined light to activate the printed tissue.

To make sure that the result is specific to the task, rather than inadvertently over-activating multiple brain regions, the team then tried the same stimulation recipe for the motor cortex, which isn’t involved in the choice task.

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab activated plastic explosives hidden in his underwear as a flight from Amsterdam descended into Detroit on Christmas Day 2009.