Activisms [noun]

Definition of Activisms:

action for change

Synonyms of Activisms:

Opposite/Antonyms of Activisms:


Sentence/Example of Activisms:

The institutional stalemate persists at the local level even in the bluest of districts like in New York City or Minneapolis, where police brutality persists, despite years of activism and electoral support for reform candidates.

Abdul-Rauf’s plight says a lot about how far the NBA and the general public have shifted on political activism, race and the role athletes should play in these issues.

We’re firmly in an era of athlete activism, and whether the strike itself yields tangible benefits, it cemented that fact.

QAnon is now driving anti-mask activism and health misinformation campaigns, for example.

In an interview, she said public protests and unprecedented budget activism from the left have created an opportunity that the city can’t miss.

I think our original activism around opioids, we thought all doctors should learn a little bit more about any opioid that they prescribe, because there was clearly a lack of education about the addictive nature.

PEN grew quickly to become an international advocate for freedom of expression and continues its activism to this day.

The Mysticism he opposes is of the type that is virtually the negation of the Activism which is to him fundamental.

Since it gives this precedence to activity, to such activity, this system may be called “Activism.”

To recognise all this clearly is at the same time to acknowledge the superiority of Activism over all mere Romanticism.