Activities [noun]

Definition of Activities:

state of being active

Synonyms of Activities:

Opposite/Antonyms of Activities:

Sentence/Example of Activities:

For others life is but a foolish leisure with mock activities and mimic avocations to mask its uselessness.

And this college course I have sketched should, in the modern state, pass insensibly into adult mental activities.

He looked back—looked down—upon former emotions and activities; and hence the confusing alternating of jealousy and forgiveness.

Activities such as these differ with a whole sky from the wage-work of the modern industrial worker.

This river was, throughout the French rgime, the center of both trading and missionary activities for all Northeastern Canada.

Consequently, the British-Americans began to observe carefully the activities of the French in this region.

Her physical resources were unusual, no doubt, because the demand made upon them by her mental activities was slight.

As the capital city of the state, it had become a center of wealth, social activities and entertainment.

Approximately 65% of the government employment in Virginia, as defined above, is engaged in activities of the federal government.

She wrote newspaper articles about household activities and travel books, fiction books and a famous cookbook.