Actualities [noun]

Definition of Actualities:

something that truly exists, is real

Synonyms of Actualities:

Opposite/Antonyms of Actualities:

Sentence/Example of Actualities:

In actuality, Dustin was a humorous and high-spirited individual whose greatest passion was to make others laugh.

Find this first, and represent it as soon as you have got the main values, in this way the whole thing will tell as an actuality.

The first regiments were only boys, still unmarried, living in romance rather than actuality.

The time of hard grappling with the overwhelming fulness of actuality is over.

Perforce, because he was born in our horde he stayed with us; but in actuality he was an atavism and his place was elsewhere.

The "Blind Lead" episode, as related, is presumably a tale of what might have happened—a possibility rather than an actuality.

Potentiality and actuality are correlative terms corresponding to matter and form.

But if he is not corporeal, the nature of his actuality or activity must be Thought, pure thinking.

They existed potentially apart in the wisdom of God before they were combined and thus realized in actuality.

Maggie told him in detail; in fact told him the scene in greater detail and with a greater length than had been the actuality.