Actualization [noun]

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Number is either the being or actualization (of Essence); the very Organism and Intelligence are number.

In general, everything which is predicated of an object either comes to it from without, or is its actualization.

But a state of soul is a present (experience), such as, for instance, the actualization of life.

There, "being" and cause are united; the presence of both is recognized in each conception, in each actualization of intelligence.

The soul's actualization consists in being wise, and in exercising her self-activity; this is true happiness.

Of which soul are these reasons,79 which do not beget the man (though they do beget the animal), then the actualization?

(The divinity) is in actualization, in the sense that He is both actualization and thought, is He not?

We think that being and actualization are multiple and different things, whilst the First is simple.

Being the first actualization and the first thought, this767 thought has neither actualization nor thought above it.

Now, having the potentiality of producing, it produced within itself; its actualization was "being," and it was united thereto.