Actualized [verb]

Definition of Actualized:

make real

Synonyms of Actualized:

Opposite/Antonyms of Actualized:


Sentence/Example of Actualized:

Also, that if He had been less perfect, He would still have actualized in conformity with His being?

Would it have come from His being (which, according to the above objection) was not yet actualized?

In this use of desire, deliberation and choice, freedom is actualized.

They are not congruent and can never be in the actualized universe.

The ambitious youth had a great idea in his mind, which was struggling to be actualized.

Are our notions of intellectual entities actualized by the potentiality which constitutes memory?

Its shape is derived in one respect from the one, and in another respect, from itself, just like actualized sight.

Thought, indeed, is actualized sight, and both these entities (the faculty and the actualization) form but one.

Once more it may be objected that it is essential to wisdom to be self-conscious, for happiness resides only in actualized wisdom.

It was not yet Intelligence when it issued from Unity; it found itself in the state of sight when not yet actualized.