Actuaries [noun]

Definition of Actuaries:

person who inspects financial records

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Sentence/Example of Actuaries:

Actuary, akt′ū-ar-i, n. a registrar or clerk: one who makes the calculations connected with an insurance office.

The assets to be handed over shall be determined by an actuary appointed by the Mixed Arbitral Tribunal.

Or we may illustrate by the difference between the auditor and an actuary in an insurance company.

What actuary, he asks contemptuously, can appraise the value of a man's opinions?

Mrs. Paine complaining because she was concerned; she is the daughter of an insurance actuary.

Once this was said so that he overheard it: it was said by an actuary, under a sunset of mauve and grey.

My friend told me that the actuary was an influential and good-natured individual, very susceptible to little courtesies.

The sum to be given would be named without difficulty by an actuary.

Where is the actuary who can appraise the value of a man's opinions?

When it came his time to loosen up he never referred the waiter to an actuary.