Actuated [verb]

Definition of Actuated:

start a function or action, motivate

Synonyms of Actuated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Actuated:

Sentence/Example of Actuated:

He sought to penetrate the human heart, and to reveal the secret motives which actuate the conduct of men.

To make life a success, the glory of God must be the ruling motive to actuate us in all the walks of life.

My agitation on Sunday week during and after your departure called forth reflections which actuate my present conduct.

Only suppose that nation to possess the same feelings which actuate every breast in this House; which actuate the American people.

If thoughts do not actuate it, your distrustful fears and cares will vanish.

And this all believers should maintain and actuate in themselves.

The same feeling may actuate many a Peruvian bondholder when he is told that the Peruvians are beginning to cultivate literature.

But he passed it off with that curious sense of sex loyalty that will actuate a man even toward his enemies.

In all stages of social development the economic motives that actuate men remain essentially the same.

She had indeed been induced to migrate from London to Littlebath by an accident which should not have been allowed to actuate her.