Acuities [noun]

Definition of Acuities:

ability to perceive, understand

Opposite/Antonyms of Acuities:

Sentence/Example of Acuities:

High standards for mental acuity, high school graduation, physical fitness, freedom from drug and alcohol abuse mean that only the top 25% of high school graduates have a shot at joining the all-volunteer forces.

Resetting the epigenetic clock was so powerful it improved visual acuity in old mice, and the team has now licensed the tech to Life Biosciences in Boston to further develop for humans.

Under “final acuity,” the medical record says, “less urgent.”

In full acuity of vision even high degrees of hypermetropia are no trouble to children.

The examination showed for the right eye hypermetropia 1·5, for the left myopia 3·5 D.; full acuity of vision on both sides.

Full visual acuity on both sides—in the first examination slight myopia - ·75 D. is specified, afterwards emmetropia.

The acuity of hearing was no longer so pronounced and the sense of refreshment, although still present, was not intense.

The doctor must correct, as far as possible, the want of acuity noticed.

For the three researchers, the olfactory acuity had reached agonizing proportions.

Knee-jerks and muscle-jerks increased, especially on left; ankle-clonus; very slight loss of touch-acuity in lower half of body.