Acuminates [adjective]

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Forty percent have acute distal ends and 60% of the distal ends are acuminate.

The distal end is usually sharply acute, but may approach an acuminate type.

Thirteen percent have acuminate distal ends and 87% have acute distal ends.

At the base they are covered with large ovate-acuminate brown or sometimes dark and shining scales.

In the latter work it may be seen that Gov. Colden long ago described the auricles as being “also often acuminate.”

The form with long acuminate pointed leave which is the common form in our area, is regarded as a variety of Celtis occidentalis.

The lobes are long acuminate and usually entire, sometimes the lower lobe has a small lobe near the base.

Calyx 5- (rarely 6-) parted; its lobes long-acuminate, with carinate midrib.

Calyx deeply 5-cleft or parted; its lobes elongated setaceous-acuminate or aristiform.

The first glume is longer than the second glume, very acute or acuminate.